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Definition of Know


  1. Knee.
  2. To perceive or apprehend clearly and certainly; to understand; to have full information of; as, to know one's duty.
  3. To be convinced of the truth of; to be fully assured of; as, to know things from information.
  4. To be acquainted with; to be no stranger to; to be more or less familiar with the person, character, etc., of; to possess experience of; as, to know an author; to know the rules of an organization.
  5. To recognize; to distinguish; to discern the character of; as, to know a person's face or figure.
  6. To have sexual commerce with.
  7. To have knowledge; to have a clear and certain perception; to possess wisdom, instruction, or information; -- often with of.
  8. To be assured; to feel confident.
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Know Translations

know in Afrikaans is ken, weet
know in Danish is vide, kende
know in Dutch is kennen, bekend zijn met
know in French is savons, sache, connais, su, connaissons, savent
know in Italian is potere, conoscere, sapere
know in Latin is teneo
know in Norwegian is kunne, vite, kjenne til
know in Portuguese is saber, saiba
know in Spanish is saber, conocer