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Definition of Kinky


  1. Full of kinks; liable to kink or curl; as, kinky hair.
  2. Queer; eccentric; crotchety.

Kinky Quotations

Are vampires kinky? I didn't know.
Roger Ebert

I also use women as a sex object; maybe I'm kinky. However, I like to talk to them as well.
Oliver Reed

The best kind of kinky sex is to have kinky sex with your wife or husband, the person you love.
Frank Langella

My natural hair texture is very kinky.
Tyra Banks

There aren't many hits like 'Kinky Boots,' so when you get one, the gratitude that comes with it fuels your energy. From the time I started in this business, everybody told me that who I was and what I represented would never work. Well, I get to stand on stage every day and prove the naysayers wrong by doing exactly what they told me not to do.
Billy Porter
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Kinky Translations

kinky in German is verkorkst, pervers
kinky in Spanish is retorcido
kinky in Swedish is krullig, excentrisk
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