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Definition of Kangaroo


  1. Any one of numerous species of jumping marsupials of the family Macropodidae. They inhabit Australia, New Guinea, and adjacent islands, They have long and strong hind legs and a large tail, while the fore legs are comparatively short and feeble. The giant kangaroo (Macropus major) is the largest species, sometimes becoming twelve or fourteen feet in total length. The tree kangaroos, belonging to the genus Dendrolagus, live in trees; the rock kangaroos, of the genus Petrogale, inhabit rocky situations; and the brush kangaroos, of the genus Halmaturus, inhabit wooded districts. See Wallaby.

Kangaroo Quotations

I have no fear of losing my life - if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it.
Steve Irwin

Yeah, I think it's an absolute disaster that Australia, the government, allowed kangaroo culling.
Steve Irwin

It's like trying to pin down a kangaroo on a trampoline.
Sid Waddell

I liked the koala, wallaby, and I chilled with a kangaroo a bit. There was a wombat that I quite enjoyed also.
Todd Barry

Any time you're near a kangaroo, it's a close call.
Jerry O'Connell
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Kangaroo Translations

kangaroo in Afrikaans is kangeroe
kangaroo in Dutch is kangoeroe
kangaroo in Hungarian is kenguru
kangaroo in Norwegian is kenguru
kangaroo in Portuguese is canguru
kangaroo in Spanish is canguro
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