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Definition of Jurisprudence


  1. The science of juridical law; the knowledge of the laws, customs, and rights of men in a state or community, necessary for the due administration of justice.

Jurisprudence Quotations

Besides a happy policy as to civil government, it is necessary to institute a system of law and jurisprudence founded in justice, equity, and public right.
Ezra Stiles

In the early centuries of Islam, the great schools of Islamic jurisprudence were built upon the above principles. Basic to all their legal systems they developed the doctrine that liberty is the fundamental basis of law.
Aly Khan

I am not going to claim that modern anarchism has any direct relation to Roman jurisprudence; but I do claim that it has its basis in the laws of nature rather than in the state of nature.
Herbert Read

The principle of equity first came into evidence in Roman jurisprudence and was derived by analogy from the physical meaning of the word.
Herbert Read

The most celebrated system of jurisprudence known to the world begins, as it ends, with a Code.
Henry James Sumner Maine
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Jurisprudence Translations

jurisprudence in Afrikaans is reg
jurisprudence in Dutch is recht
jurisprudence in Norwegian is rettsvitenskap
jurisprudence in Spanish is jurisprudencia
jurisprudence in Swedish is juridik

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