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Definition of Juries


  1. of Jury

Juries Quotations

The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries.
Clarence Darrow

Juries are not computers. They are composed of human beings who evaluate evidence differently.
Alan Dershowitz

But for their right to judge of the law, and the justice of the law, juries would be no protection to an accused person, even as to matters of fact; for, if the government can dictate to a jury any law whatever, in a criminal case, it can certainly dictate to them the laws of evidence.
Lysander Spooner

There are some who think that the government is limited in how many corruption cases it can bring against Wall Street, because juries can't understand the complexity of the financial schemes involved. But in 'U.S.A. v. Carollo,' that turned out not to be true.
Matt Taibbi

I've served on five different juries, and many of them were bonkers in their own way.
Simon Hoggart
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Juries Translations

juries in German is Jurys

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