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Definition of Joke


  1. Something said for the sake of exciting a laugh; something witty or sportive (commonly indicating more of hilarity or humor than jest); a jest; a witticism; as, to crack good-natured jokes.
  2. Something not said seriously, or not actually meant; something done in sport.
  3. To make merry with; to make jokes upon; to rally; to banter; as, to joke a comrade.
  4. To do something for sport, or as a joke; to be merry in words or actions; to jest.
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Joke Translations

joke in Dutch is mop, pots, grol, kwinkslag, grap
joke in French is esrrit, plaisanterie, plaisanter, farce
joke in Italian is scherzo, celia, lazzo, scherzare, tiro
joke in Latin is iocus
joke in Portuguese is gracejo
joke in Spanish is chasco, chiste, chancear, chanza, burla, broma