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Definition of Jew


  1. Originally, one belonging to the tribe or kingdom of Judah; after the return from the Babylonish captivity, any member of the new state; a Hebrew; an Israelite.

Jew Quotations

Fighting for one's freedom, struggling towards being free, is like struggling to be a poet or a good Christian or a good Jew or a good Muslim or good Zen Buddhist. You work all day long and achieve some kind of level of success by nightfall, go to sleep and wake up the next morning with the job still to be done. So you start all over again.
Maya Angelou

We have Christians against Muslims against Jews, and no matter how liberal your theology, merely identifying yourself as a Christian or a Jew lends tacit validity to this status quo. People have morally identified with a subset of humanity rather than with humanity as a whole.
Sam Harris

But when I was doing the KKK I had constant nightmares of being exposed as a Jew and lynched by the Klan.
Jon Ronson

Here lies a plain and simple Jew who wrote in plain and simple prose.
Sholom Aleichem

If Jesus was a Jew, how come he has a Mexican first name?
Billy Connolly
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Jew Translations

jew in French is Juif
jew in German is Jude
jew in Italian is giudeo
jew in Swedish is jude
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