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Definition of Jest


  1. A deed; an action; a gest.
  2. A mask; a pageant; an interlude.
  3. Something done or said in order to amuse; a joke; a witticism; a jocose or sportive remark or phrase. See Synonyms under Jest, v. i.
  4. The object of laughter or sport; a laughingstock.
  5. To take part in a merrymaking; -- especially, to act in a mask or interlude.
  6. To make merriment by words or actions; to joke; to make light of anything.

Jest Quotations

When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains, and the women come out to cut up what remains, jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains and go to your gawd like a soldier.
Rudyard Kipling

A lot of truth is said in jest.

The squirrel that you kill in jest, dies in earnest.
Henry David Thoreau

War is the statesman's game, the priest's delight, the lawyer's jest, the hired assassin's trade.
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Listen closely as those around you speak; great truths are revealed in jest.
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Jest Translations

jest in Dutch is boerten, gekscheren, schertsen
jest in French is plaisanter
jest in Italian is scherzare
jest in Latin is iocus, ioco iocor
jest in Spanish is chancear
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