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Definition of Jerk


  1. To cut into long slices or strips and dry in the sun; as, jerk beef. See Charqui.
  2. To beat; to strike.
  3. To give a quick and suddenly arrested thrust, push, pull, or twist, to; to yerk; as, to jerk one with the elbow; to jerk a coat off.
  4. To throw with a quick and suddenly arrested motion of the hand; as, to jerk a stone.
  5. To make a sudden motion; to move with a start, or by starts.
  6. To flout with contempt.
  7. A short, sudden pull, thrust, push, twitch, jolt, shake, or similar motion.
  8. A sudden start or spring.
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Jerk Translations

jerk in Dutch is schokken
jerk in French is par secousse, soubresaut
jerk in German is Ruck, Ruck, ruckweise
jerk in Italian is stratto, folata
jerk in Norwegian is tosk, rykke, rykk