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Definition of Jealously


  1. In a jealous manner.

Jealously Quotations

In India, I have been called a 'destroyer.' But that is only because they mixed my identity as a performer and as a composer. As a composer I have tried everything, even electronic music and avant-garde. But as a performer I am, believe me, getting more classical and more orthodox, jealously protecting the heritage that I have learned.
Ravi Shankar

Jealously is always born with love but it does not die with it.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

KISS has always been outside of the borders of what other bands can do. Not that some of these other bands wouldn't want to do it - the fact that they may snicker or look down their noses at what we do is more out of jealously than anything else.
Paul Stanley

The founding leaders of our country believed in a three-part sharing of governmental power, with each branch jealously watching the actions of the other two.
Chellie Pingree

They had asked for me because they wanted a younger girl, but Mum asked if she could bring Kylie along because she didn't want there to be any jealously.
Dannii Minogue
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Jealously Translations

jealously in Swedish is svartsjukt
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