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Definition of Jag


  1. A notch; a cleft; a barb; a ragged or sharp protuberance; a denticulation.
  2. A part broken off; a fragment.
  3. A cleft or division.
  4. To cut into notches or teeth like those of a saw; to notch.
  5. A small load, as of hay or grain in the straw, or of ore.
  6. To carry, as a load; as, to jag hay, etc.
  7. A leather bag or wallet;
  8. saddlebags.
  9. Enough liquor to make a man noticeably drunk; a small "load;" a time or case of drunkeness; -- esp. in phr. To have a jag on, to be drunk.
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Jag Translations

jag in French is fissure
jag in Italian is crepatura
jag in Norwegian is rangel, tagg, spiss
jag in Spanish is raja