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Definition of Itchy


  1. Infected with the itch, or with an itching sensation.

Itchy Quotations

Sometimes in the heart of the summer, I look at people with their faces shaved and think it'd be nice, but once you get used to it, it's not as hot. Most guys say it gets itchy, but once you grow it out into a big man beard, the itching is gone.
Willie Robertson

There are so many cute vintage dresses made out of synthetics from the '60s and '70s - but they're so itchy and hot. It's not worth it!
Zooey Deschanel

I'm a hometown girl, and my personality at home is the opposite of the performer in me. But then, when I'm home and haven't done anything for a while, I get really itchy and nervous and weird-feeling.
Britney Spears

I get a little itchy if I don't have some control.
Amy Poehler

We humans are here because nothing can be perfect. There always have to be some living things that are unsatisfied, itchy, trying too hard. If it was all just animals and rocks and lettuce, the gods wouldn't feel like they had enough to do.
Miranda July
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Itchy Translations

itchy in German is juckig

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