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Definition of Irritate


  1. To render null and void.
  2. To increase the action or violence of; to heighten excitement in; to intensify; to stimulate.
  3. To excite anger or displeasure in; to provoke; to tease; to exasperate; to annoy; to vex; as, the insolence of a tyrant irritates his subjects.
  4. To produce irritation in; to stimulate; to cause to contract. See Irritation, n., 2.
  5. To make morbidly excitable, or oversensitive; to fret; as, the skin is irritated by friction; to irritate a wound by a coarse bandage.
  6. Excited; heightened.
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Irritate Translations

irritate in French is irritons, irritent, irritez
irritate in German is irritiere, irritieren
irritate in Italian is esacerbare
irritate in Latin is exulcero
irritate in Norwegian is irritere
irritate in Spanish is pinchar