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Definition of Invisibility


  1. The state or quality of being invisible; also, that which is invisible.

Invisibility Quotations

I don't know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower.

A great wind swept over the ghetto, carrying away shame, invisibility and four centuries of humiliation. But when the wind dropped people saw it had been only a little breeze, friendly, almost gentle.
Jean Genet

When we really worship anything, we love not only its clearness but its obscurity. We exult in its very invisibility.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

I would say invisibility would be sort of a fun power to have just to see what it was like to move through the world and not be looked at.
Kevin Bacon

The invisibility of work and workers in the digital age is as consequential as the rise of the assembly line and, later, the service economy.
George Packer
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Invisibility Translations

invisibility in German is Unsichtbarkeit
invisibility in Spanish is invisibilidad
invisibility in Swedish is osynlighet
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