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Definition of Investor


  1. One who invests.

Investor Quotations

I am not criticizing investing in the stock market; I am an investor.
Grace Napolitano

When you're an investor, you can look at the quantitative and qualitative elements of an investment, but there's a third aspect: What you feel in your gut.
Kevin O'Leary

The investor of today does not profit from yesterday's growth.
Warren Buffett

I'm a pretty disciplined investor and pretty disciplined buyer. I do my due diligence. I do my homework. I don't waste money.
Bruce Rauner

In the 40 years I've been working as an economist and investor, I have never seen such a disconnect between the asset market and the economic reality... Asset markets are in the sky, and the economy of the ordinary people is in the dumps, where their real incomes adjusted for inflation are going down and asset markets are going up.
Marc Faber
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Investor Translations

investor in German is Kapitalgeber, Geldgeber
investor in Italian is risparmiatore
investor in Norwegian is investor
investor in Spanish is inversor
investor in Swedish is investerare
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