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Definition of Inversely


  1. In an inverse order or manner; by inversion; -- opposed to directly.

Inversely Quotations

The degree of one's emotions varies inversely with one's knowledge of the facts.
Bertrand Russell

Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.
Liz Vassey

There must be a rule of thumb in pop-culture archaeology that states that the allure of any topic is inversely related to its assigned importance in the affairs of humanity. The more trivial the subject, the dearer it is to most of its partisans and the more worthy of scholarship. The smallest things in life often mean the most to people.
Paul Di Filippo

Creativity varies inversely with the number of cooks involved in the broth.
Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

Time is a resource whose supply is inversely proportional to its demand.
Craig Bruce
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Inversely Translations

inversely in German is umgekehrt, umgekehrte
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