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Definition of Intestine


  1. Internal; inward; -- opposed to external.
  2. Internal with regard to a state or country; domestic; not foreign; -- applied usually to that which is evil; as, intestine disorders, calamities, etc.
  3. Depending upon the internal constitution of a body or entity; subjective.
  4. Shut up; inclosed.
  5. That part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus. See Illust. of Digestive apparatus.
  6. The bowels; entrails; viscera.
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Intestine Translations

intestine in Danish is tarm
intestine in Dutch is darm
intestine in Finnish is suoli
intestine in French is intestin, intestinale
intestine in German is Darm
intestine in Italian is budello
intestine in Spanish is intestino, tripa
intestine in Swedish is tarm