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Definition of Interrupted


  1. of Interrupt
  2. Broken; intermitted; suddenly stopped.
  3. Irregular; -- said of any arrangement whose symmetry is destroyed by local causes, as when leaflets are interposed among the leaves in a pinnate leaf.

Interrupted Quotations

Civility is not not saying negative or harsh things. It is not the absence of critical analysis. It is the manner in which we are sharing this territorial freedom of political discussion. If our discourse is yelled and screamed and interrupted and patronized, that's uncivil.
Richard Dreyfuss

Those who say, 'It can't be done,' are usually interrupted by others doing it.
Joel A. Barker

Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.
James A. Baldwin

For sleep, riches and health to be truly enjoyed, they must be interrupted.
Jean Paul

The Nationals tried hard to recover the lost ground. The final result, however, was the success of the Forest Citys by a score of 29 to 23 in a nine innings game, twice interrupted by rain.
Henry Chadwick
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Interrupted Translations

interrupted in German is interbrochen, unterbrach, unterbrochen
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