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Definition of Intern


  1. Internal.
  2. To put for safe keeping in the interior of a place or country; to confine to one locality; as, to intern troops which have fled for refuge to a neutral country.

Intern Quotations

I had a lot of bad jobs but the one big internship I had is I interned for 'SNL' when I was 21 years old and that was the joke. You intern there and you think man, I'm going to be with the writers and the great comedians. Then you're getting everybody sandwiches and then the doors close and then all the great creatives are doing the work.
Jake Johnson

My biggest bit of advice would be to spend some time actually helping caterers or Chefs, even if it has to be for free or as an intern of culinary externship. It helps immerse yourself in what you potentially want to do.
Giada De Laurentiis

The name 'reservation' has a negative connotation among Native Americans - an intern camp of sorts.
John Russell

Having an affair with an intern is just an incredibly stupid thing to do.
Bradley Whitford

For example, I was a White House intern the summer before I dropped out of law school. Everybody knew about it. I'd come home and go to church and everybody would say, 'Oh, my God. Demetri, you're working at the White House.'
Demetri Martin
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Intern Translations

intern in German is internieren
intern in Norwegian is internere
intern in Spanish is interno
intern in Swedish is internera
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