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Definition of Intermission


  1. The act or the state of intermitting; the state of being neglected or disused; disuse; discontinuance.
  2. Cessation for a time; an intervening period of time; an interval; a temporary pause; as, to labor without intermission; an intermission of ten minutes.
  3. The temporary cessation or subsidence of a fever; the space of time between the paroxysms of a disease. Intermission is an entire cessation, as distinguished from remission, or abatement of fever.
  4. Intervention; interposition.

Intermission Quotations

Make your life a mission - not an intermission.
Arnold H. Glasow

I just am committed wholeheartedly to theatre with no intermission.
Lady Gaga

I had a high school girlfriend whose mother gave us theater tickets, so I saw the second night performance of 'A Streetcar Named Desire.' My girl and I could not get up during intermission, we were so stunned. To this day it's the only thing I've seen on stage that's 100 percent real and 100 percent poetic simultaneously.
Mike Nichols

Pleasure is nothing else but the intermission of pain.
John Selden

I had never done a 90-minute play with no intermission, so it is a bit like you get onto the train and you don't get off until it's over - and it's over very quickly, so don't miss a moment of it. That experience is very rare and specific so don't miss a minute, because there aren't very many minutes of it.
Lily Rabe
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Intermission Translations

intermission in Afrikaans is pouse
intermission in Dutch is rust, pauze
intermission in Finnish is tauko
intermission in French is pause
intermission in Norwegian is pause, avbrytelse
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