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Definition of Intellectual


  1. Belonging to, or performed by, the intellect; mental; as, intellectual powers, activities, etc.
  2. Endowed with intellect; having the power of understanding; having capacity for the higher forms of knowledge or thought; characterized by intelligence or mental capacity; as, an intellectual person.
  3. Suitable for exercising the intellect; formed by, and existing for, the intellect alone; perceived by the intellect; as, intellectual employments.
  4. Relating to the understanding; treating of the mind; as, intellectual philosophy, sometimes called "mental" philosophy.
  5. The intellect or understanding; mental powers or faculties.
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Intellectual Translations

intellectual in Dutch is intellectueel, verstandelijk
intellectual in French is intellecvwgl
intellectual in Norwegian is forstandsmessig, intellektuell
intellectual in Portuguese is intelectual
intellectual in Spanish is intelectual
intellectual in Swedish is intellektuell