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Definition of Intake


  1. The place where water or air is taken into a pipe or conduit; -- opposed to outlet.
  2. the beginning of a contraction or narrowing in a tube or cylinder.
  3. The quantity taken in; as, the intake of air.

Intake Quotations

One should eat everything especially healthy and not junk food. I don't like the idea of starving. I would eat and burn it out in gym. The amount of intake is what matters.
Kareena Kapoor Khan

Such lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, little physical activity and low dietary calcium intake are risk factors for osteoporosis as well as for many other non-communicable diseases.
Gro Harlem Brundtland

I think your alcohol intake has to change. You know, usually a big person feels they can drink anything they want to and as much as they want to and I've cut that way back.
Mike Ditka

I attended an extremely small liberal arts school. There were approximately 1,600 of us roaming our New England campus on a good day. My high school was bigger. My freshman year hourly calorie intake was bigger.
Sloane Crosley

When I go to a restaurant, I eat three-quarters of the food in front of me. That cuts my calorie intake by 25 percent.
Bobby Flay
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Intake Translations

intake in German is Eingabe
intake in Swedish is insug
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