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Definition of Insurgent


  1. Rising in opposition to civil or political authority, or against an established government; insubordinate; rebellious.
  2. A person who rises in revolt against civil authority or an established government; one who openly and actively resists the execution of laws; a rebel.

Insurgent Quotations

I just think it would be unrealistic to suggest we're going to eliminate every last domestic insurgent in Afghanistan. Certainly, the history of the country would indicate that's not a very realistic objective, and I think we have to have realistic objectives.
Stephen Harper

I was the hero of the young insurgent working class art movement.
Elia Kazan

Capturing any member of any terrorist cell or any insurgent cell that we may happen to come across is always very, very valuable, and the thing that interests me is that in most instances after a time, people talk and they tell us what they know.
John Abizaid

I have to use the word 'insurgent' because I can't think of a better word right now.
Peter Pace

Really, running an underdog, insurgent political campaign against an opponent many folks think can't be beat, and going out and meeting folks and talking about your ideas for America and Washington, is a lot of fun and a real privilege.
Michael Baumgartner
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Insurgent Translations

insurgent in Spanish is insurgente
insurgent in Swedish is upprorisk

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