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Definition of Insulated


  1. of Insulate
  2. Standing by itself; not being contiguous to other bodies; separated; unconnected; isolated; as, an insulated house or column.
  3. Separated from other bodies by means of nonconductors of heat or electricity.
  4. Situated at so great a distance as to be beyond the effect of gravitation; -- said of stars supposed to be so far apart that the affect of their mutual attraction is insensible.

Insulated Quotations

I was a very shy girl who led an insulated life; it was only when I came to Oxford, and to Harvard before that, that suddenly I saw the power of people. I didn't know such a power existed, I saw people criticising their own president; you couldn't do that in Pakistan - you'd be thrown in prison.
Benazir Bhutto

Historically courts in this country have been insulated. We do not look beyond our borders for precedents.
Sandra Day O'Connor

My belief, for what it is worth, is that city dwellers cannot understand the world. Insulated from reality by complex and expert systems of provision and police, baffled by fashion and spectacle, city dwellers can distinguish neither the sources of their existence nor the consequences.
James Buchan

I went to boarding school, and then I went to Oxford, and I know how easy it is for certain groups of people to become wholly insulated from ordinary life.
Mark Haddon

I'm intimidated anytime I work with someone who's directly outside my very insulated group of friends.
Seth Rogen
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Insulated Translations

insulated in German is isolierte, isoliert
insulated in Swedish is isolerad

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