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Definition of Insular


  1. Of or pertaining to an island; of the nature, or possessing the characteristics, of an island; as, an insular climate, fauna, etc.
  2. Of or pertaining to the people of an island; narrow; circumscribed; illiberal; contracted; as, insular habits, opinions, or prejudices.
  3. An islander.

Insular Quotations

You can get insular with fashion.
Alexander McQueen

I mean, you know, you're looking at a guy who has a manager, who's created a life for me that - I mean, I don't pay phone bills and electric bills. I have somebody to do that for me. I've been very, very lucky. And I live in this insular sort of world, you know, so everything's, you know, everything's got a silver lining as far as I'm concerned.
Harry Connick, Jr.

When I'm making a song that's very Grimes, it just feels very insular and it feels weird to have someone else do something on it.

Acting is a really insular thing.
Robert Carlyle

The insular arrogance of the English character is a commonplace joke.
Goldwin Smith
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Insular Translations

insular in German is Insel, insular
insular in Spanish is insular

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