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Definition of Inspire


  1. To breathe into; to fill with the breath; to animate.
  2. To infuse by breathing, or as if by breathing.
  3. To draw in by the operation of breathing; to inhale; -- opposed to expire.
  4. To infuse into the mind; to communicate to the spirit; to convey, as by a divine or supernatural influence; to disclose preternaturally; to produce in, as by inspiration.
  5. To infuse into; to affect, as with a superior or supernatural influence; to fill with what animates, enlivens, or exalts; to communicate inspiration to; as, to inspire a child with sentiments of virtue.
  6. To draw in breath; to inhale air into the lungs; -- opposed to expire.
  7. To breathe; to blow gently.
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Inspire Translations

inspire in Dutch is inspireren, bezielen, inboezemen
inspire in French is inspirez, inspirons, enthousiasmer, inspirer
inspire in German is anregen
inspire in Italian is fanatizzare
inspire in Latin is addo, incito
inspire in Norwegian is inspirere
inspire in Spanish is inspirar, entusiasmar