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Definition of Inspiration


  1. The act of inspiring or breathing in; breath; specif. (Physiol.), the drawing of air into the lungs, accomplished in mammals by elevation of the chest walls and flattening of the diaphragm; -- the opposite of expiration.
  2. The act or power of exercising an elevating or stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions; the result of such influence which quickens or stimulates; as, the inspiration of occasion, of art, etc.
  3. A supernatural divine influence on the prophets, apostles, or sacred writers, by which they were qualified to communicate moral or religious truth with authority; a supernatural influence which qualifies men to receive and communicate divine truth; also, the truth communicated.
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Inspiration Translations

inspiration in Dutch is ingeving
inspiration in Finnish is luomisvire
inspiration in French is inspiration, trouvaille
inspiration in German is Eingebung
inspiration in Italian is eccitamento, idea
inspiration in Latin is inflatus
inspiration in Norwegian is inspirasjon
inspiration in Swedish is ingivelse