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Definition of Insolent


  1. Deviating from that which is customary; novel; strange; unusual.
  2. Haughty and contemptuous or brutal in behavior or language; overbearing; domineering; grossly rude or disrespectful; saucy; as, an insolent master; an insolent servant.
  3. Proceeding from or characterized by insolence; insulting; as, insolent words or behavior.

Insolent Quotations

Hunger is insolent, and will be fed.

Politicians are nauseating by definition... They can produce nothing, neither a loaf of bread nor a table nor a picture; and this inability to create value, this total inferiority, makes them jealous, vengeful, insolent and a menace to life and limb.
Gerhard Richter

Some are made modest by great praise, others insolent.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The attitude of insolent haughtiness is characteristic of the relationships Americans form with what is alien to them, with others.
Jose Saramago

I am shocking, impertinent and insolent that's how it is.
Brigitte Bardot
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Insolent Translations

insolent in Italian is sfacciato, insolente
insolent in Latin is impudens
insolent in Norwegian is uforskammet
insolent in Spanish is deslenguado, procaz
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