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Definition of Inside


  1. Within the sides of; in the interior; contained within; as, inside a house, book, bottle, etc.
  2. Being within; included or inclosed in anything; contained; interior; internal; as, the inside passengers of a stagecoach; inside decoration.
  3. Adapted to the interior.
  4. The part within; interior or internal portion; content.
  5. The inward parts; entrails; bowels; hence, that which is within; private thoughts and feelings.
  6. An inside passenger of a coach or carriage, as distinguished from one upon the outside.
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Inside Translations

inside in Afrikaans is in, op, per, binne
inside in Dutch is per, te, in, binnen
inside in French is dans, dedans, au dedans
inside in German is inneres, innen, drin
inside in Italian is di dentro
inside in Latin is penitus
inside in Norwegian is innside, innvendig, indre, inne
inside in Portuguese is para dentro, em
inside in Spanish is en, dentro, por, dentro de