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Definition of Inn


  1. A place of shelter; hence, dwelling; habitation; residence; abode.
  2. A house for the lodging and entertainment of travelers or wayfarers; a tavern; a public house; a hotel.
  3. The town residence of a nobleman or distinguished person; as, Leicester Inn.
  4. One of the colleges (societies or buildings) in London, for students of the law barristers; as, the Inns of Court; the Inns of Chancery; Serjeants' Inns.
  5. To take lodging; to lodge.
  6. To house; to lodge.
  7. To get in; to in. See In, v. t.
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Inn Translations

inn in Danish is kro
inn in Dutch is logement, herberg
inn in French is auberge
inn in German is Gasthof, Wirtshaus
inn in Italian is osteria
inn in Latin is hospitium, tabernus
inn in Norwegian is kro, vertshus
inn in Spanish is posada, albergue, fonda