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Definition of Injure


  1. To do harm to; to impair the excellence and value of; to hurt; to damage; -- used in a variety of senses; as: (a) To hurt or wound, as the person; to impair soundness, as of health. (b) To damage or lessen the value of, as goods or estate. (c) To slander, tarnish, or impair, as reputation or character. (d) To impair or diminish, as happiness or virtue. (e) To give pain to, as the sensibilities or the feelings; to grieve; to annoy. (f) To impair, as the intellect or mind.
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Injure Translations

injure in Afrikaans is bederf
injure in Danish is beskadige
injure in Dutch is bederven, beschadigen, havenen
injure in Finnish is pilata
injure in Latin is vulnero
injure in Norwegian is krenke, skade
injure in Portuguese is fira
injure in Spanish is lacerar, herir