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Definition of Influenza


  1. An epidemic affection characterized by acute nasal catarrh, or by inflammation of the throat or the bronchi, and usually accompanied by fever.

Influenza Quotations

Influenza pandemics must be taken seriously, precisely because of their capacity to spread rapidly to every country in the world.
Margaret Chan

The unique nature about the influenza virus is its great potential for changes, for mutation.
Margaret Chan

Pandemics do not occur randomly. From malaria and influenza to AIDS and SARS, the lethal microbes have come, in the first instance, from animals, especially wild animals. And we increasingly know which parts of the world pose the greatest risk for future incursions.
Nathan Wolfe

Influenza is a serious disease. Kids die of influenza, both in Japan and the United States, and if you give a drug to people who are at risk of dying, there will be people who die who got the drug,... There is no signal the drug is doing it as opposed to the disease.
Robert Nelson

Pandemic influenza is by nature an international issue; it requires an international solution.
Margaret Chan
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Influenza Translations

influenza in Afrikaans is griep
influenza in Dutch is influenza, griep
influenza in French is grippe
influenza in German is Grippe
influenza in Italian is influenza
influenza in Norwegian is influensa
influenza in Portuguese is gripe
influenza in Spanish is gripe
influenza in Swedish is influensa

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