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Definition of Infer


  1. To bring on; to induce; to occasion.
  2. To offer, as violence.
  3. To bring forward, or employ as an argument; to adduce; to allege; to offer.
  4. To derive by deduction or by induction; to conclude or surmise from facts or premises; to accept or derive, as a consequence, conclusion, or probability; to imply; as, I inferred his determination from his silence.
  5. To show; to manifest; to prove.
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Infer Translations

infer in Danish is slutte
infer in Dutch is besluiten, afleiden, concluderen
infer in French is conclure
infer in German is folgern
infer in Latin is coniecto
infer in Norwegian is slutte seg til, antyde
infer in Spanish is inferir