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Definition of Infect


  1. Infected. Cf. Enfect.
  2. To taint with morbid matter or any pestilential or noxious substance or effluvium by which disease is produced; as, to infect a lancet; to infect an apartment.
  3. To affect with infectious disease; to communicate infection to; as, infected with the plague.
  4. To communicate to or affect with, as qualities or emotions, esp. bad qualities; to corrupt; to contaminate; to taint by the communication of anything noxious or pernicious.
  5. To contaminate with illegality or to expose to penalty.
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Infect Translations

infect in Danish is smitte
infect in Dutch is infecteren, besmetten, aansteken
infect in French is infectons, infecter, infectez, infectent
infect in German is anstecken, infizieren, anstecken
infect in Italian is infettare
infect in Latin is contineo, contamino
infect in Norwegian is smitte, infisere
infect in Spanish is infectar, inficionar
infect in Swedish is infektera, besmitta, smitta