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Definition of Infantile


  1. Of or pertaining to infancy, or to an infant; similar to, or characteristic of, an infant; childish; as, infantile behavior.

Infantile Quotations

Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.
Albert Einstein

I have never grown out of the infantile belief that the universe was made for me to suck.
Aleister Crowley

Maybe every other American movie shouldn't be based on a comic book. Other countries will think Americans live in an infantile fantasy land where reality is whatever we say it is and every problem can be solved with violence.
Bill Maher

We have domesticated God's transcendence. We often learn about God at about the same time as we are learning about Santa Claus; but our ideas about Santa Claus change, mature and become more nuanced, whereas our ideas of God can remain at a rather infantile level.
Karen Armstrong

Man is insatiable for power; he is infantile in his desires and, always discontented with what he has, loves only what he has not. People complain of the despotism of princes; they ought to complain of the despotism of man.
Joseph de Maistre
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Infantile Translations

infantile in German is kindisch
infantile in Italian is fanciullesco
infantile in Norwegian is infantil, barnslig
infantile in Swedish is barn-
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