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Definition of Inexperienced


  1. Not having experience unskilled.

Inexperienced Quotations

Men know everything - all of them - all the time - no matter how stupid or inexperienced or arrogant or ignorant they are.
Andrea Dworkin

The quality of what is said inevitably influences the way in which it is said, however inexperienced the writer.
Robertson Davies

In 2008 all the stars aligned perfectly for Obama's 6-point victory over John McCain. He was an inexperienced, untested neophyte, and successfully convinced enough voters to paint their own version of what hope-and-change was all about on the blank canvas he provided.
Bob Beauprez

The heart is forever inexperienced.
Henry David Thoreau

A man that is born falls into a dream like a man who falls into the sea. If he tries to climb out into the air as inexperienced people endeavor to do, he drowns.
Joseph Conrad
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Inexperienced Translations

inexperienced in Dutch is onervaren, groen
inexperienced in German is unbewandert, unerfahren
inexperienced in Hungarian is gyakorlatlan
inexperienced in Italian is novizio
inexperienced in Latin is novus
inexperienced in Norwegian is uerfaren
inexperienced in Spanish is inexperto, imperito
inexperienced in Swedish is oerfaren
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