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Definition of Inexpensive


  1. Not expensive; cheap.

Inexpensive Quotations

It's not what you spend but how you wear it that counts. The key is often to dress up inexpensive basics with accessories. Something like a beautiful designer bag or belt can make everything else look richer and more luxurious.
Chloe Sevigny

Money doesn't buy elegance. You can take an inexpensive sheath, add a pretty scarf, gray shoes, and a wonderful bag, and it will always be elegant.
Carolina Herrera

If you have a business website, make it stickier; redo the merchandising often and try new things until you hit the right homepage... then try and beat that. The most important audience drivers on the Internet are paid search and key word optimization. Concentrate on those. They are very inexpensive compared to banner advertising.
Lynda Resnick

It's very inexpensive to give a compliment.
Joyce Meyer

I believe that you can, by taking some simple and inexpensive measures, lead a longer life and extend your years of well-being. My most important recommendation is that you take vitamins every day in optimum amounts to supplement the vitamins that you receive in your food.
Linus Pauling
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Inexpensive Translations

inexpensive in Afrikaans is goedkoop
inexpensive in Danish is billig
inexpensive in Dutch is goedkoop
inexpensive in German is preiswert, billig, preiswert
inexpensive in Italian is economico
inexpensive in Latin is insumptuosus
inexpensive in Norwegian is billig
inexpensive in Portuguese is barato
inexpensive in Spanish is barato
inexpensive in Swedish is billig
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