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Definition of Indoctrination


  1. The act of indoctrinating, or the condition of being indoctrinated; instruction in the rudiments and principles of any science or system of belief; information.

Indoctrination Quotations

The United States is unusual among the industrial democracies in the rigidity of the system of ideological control - 'indoctrination', we might say - exercised through the mass media.
Noam Chomsky

Education is indoctrination if you're white - subjugation if you're black.
James A. Baldwin

Education is not merely neglected in many of our schools today, but is replaced to a great extent by ideological indoctrination.
Thomas Sowell

A university is not a political party, and an education is not an indoctrination.
David Horowitz

In a home school, the kid does 95% of the work. But in a school system, since it's an indoctrination system, a teacher has to do 95% of the work.
John Taylor Gatto
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Indoctrination Translations

indoctrination in German is Belehrung
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