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Definition of Individualize


  1. The mark as an individual, or to distinguish from others by peculiar properties; to invest with individuality.

Individualize Quotations

When you look at it that way, you can see how absurd it is that we individualize ourselves with our fences and hoarded possessions.
Morrie Schwartz

No matter what a woman's appearance may be, it will be used to undermine what she is saying and taken to individualize - as her personal problem - observations she makes about the beauty myth in society.
Naomi Wolf

The true genius of a great manager is his or her ability to individualize. A great manager is one who understands how to trip each person's trigger.
Marcus Buckingham

The dominant invades the entire picture, as it were. In this way I seek to individualize the color, because I have come to believe that there is a living world of each color and I express these worlds.
Yves Klein

So technologies, whether it is a telephone or an iPhone, computers in general or automobiles, television even, all individualize us. We all sit in front of our iPhones and communicating but are we really communicating?
Henry Mintzberg
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Individualize Translations

individualize in German is individualisieren
individualize in Spanish is individualizar
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