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Definition of Inception


  1. Beginning; commencement; initiation.
  2. Reception; a taking in.

Inception Quotations

Conservatism has had from its inception vigorously positive, intellectually rigorous agenda and thinking. That agenda should have in my three pillars: strengthen the economy, strengthen our security, and strengthen our families.
Mitt Romney

Today it is becoming harder to speak out, with the inception of the Patriot Act, the president has legislated free speech to be a crime.
Frank Serpico

I work very much on the principle that anything created by mankind has mischief and error hardwired into its inception.
Jasper Fforde

Since its very inception, Israel has been a threat.
Bashar al-Assad

From Jesse James to Charles Manson, the media, since their inception, have turned criminals into folk heroes.
Marilyn Manson
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Inception Translations

inception in German is Beginn

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