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Definition of Impure


  1. Not pure; not clean; dirty; foul; filthy; containing something which is unclean or unwholesome; mixed or impregnated extraneous substances; adulterated; as, impure water or air; impure drugs, food, etc.
  2. Defiled by sin or guilt; unholy; unhallowed; -- said of persons or things.
  3. Unchaste; lewd; unclean; obscene; as, impure language or ideas.
  4. Not purified according to the ceremonial law of Moses; unclean.
  5. Not accurate; not idiomatic; as, impure Latin; an impure style.
  6. To defile; to pollute.
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Impure Translations

impure in German is unrein, unrein
impure in Latin is immunda, immundus
impure in Norwegian is uren
impure in Spanish is impuro