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Definition of Impulse


  1. The act of impelling, or driving onward with sudden force; impulsion; especially, force so communicated as to produced motion suddenly, or immediately.
  2. The effect of an impelling force; motion produced by a sudden or momentary force.
  3. The action of a force during a very small interval of time; the effect of such action; as, the impulse of a sudden blow upon a hard elastic body.
  4. A mental force which simply and directly urges to action; hasty inclination; sudden motive; momentary or transient influence of appetite or passion; propension; incitement; as, a man of good impulses; passion often gives a violent impulse to the will.
  5. To impel; to incite.
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Impulse Translations

impulse in Dutch is aandrift, drang, impuls, aandrang
impulse in French is impulsion, incitation
impulse in Latin is pulsus
impulse in Norwegian is tilskyndelse, impuls, innfall
impulse in Portuguese is impulso
impulse in Spanish is instinto, impulso
impulse in Swedish is impuls, ingivelse