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Definition of Improvise


  1. To compose, recite, or sing extemporaneously, especially in verse; to extemporize; also, to play upon an instrument, or to act, extemporaneously.
  2. To bring about, arrange, or make, on a sudden, or without previous preparation.
  3. To invent, or provide, offhand, or on the spur of the moment; as, he improvised a hammer out of a stone.
  4. To produce or render extemporaneous compositions, especially in verse or in music, without previous preparation; hence, to do anything offhand.
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Improvise Translations

improvise in French is improviser, improvisent, improvisez, improvisons
improvise in German is improvisieren
improvise in Italian is improvvisare
improvise in Spanish is improvisar
improvise in Swedish is prova dig fram