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Definition of Impromptu


  1. Offhand; without previous study; extemporaneous; extempore; as, an impromptu verse.
  2. Something made or done offhand, at the moment, or without previous study; an extemporaneous composition, address, or remark.
  3. A piece composed or played at first thought; a composition in the style of an extempore piece.

Impromptu Quotations

It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.
Mark Twain

I'm just preparing my impromptu remarks.
Winston Churchill

The very best impromptu speeches are the ones written well in advance.
Ruth Gordon

Ever since I was really really little, I was just singing all the time. Like one of my favorite games when I was little would be to just have one of my sisters pick a title, and I would impromptu create that song.
Kina Grannis

We had an exercise in speech class in school, impromptu speaking, that I was always real good at.
John Mellencamp
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Impromptu Translations

impromptu in German is Stegreif, improvisiert
impromptu in Spanish is impromptu
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