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Definition of Impregnable


  1. Not to be stormed, or taken by assault; incapable of being subdued; able to resist attack; unconquerable; as, an impregnable fortress; impregnable virtue.
  2. Capable of being impregnated, as the egg of an animal, or the ovule of a plant.

Impregnable Quotations

True courage is a result of reasoning. A brave mind is always impregnable.
Jeremy Collier

You think, eventually, that nothing can disturb you and that your nerves are impregnable. Yet, looking down at that familiar face, I realized that death is something to which we never become calloused.
Eliot Ness

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt faced adversities that, in their times, seemed impregnable. Great presidents overcome great odds.
Ron Fournier

A brave mind is always impregnable.
Jeremy Collier

These are they whose youth was violently severed by war and death; a word on the telephone, a scribbled line on paper, and their future ceased. They have built up their lives again, but their safety is not absolute, their fortress not impregnable.
Winifred Holtby
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Impregnable Translations

impregnable in Latin is inexpugnabilis
impregnable in Norwegian is uinntagelig
impregnable in Spanish is inexpugnable
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