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Definition of Imposition


  1. The act of imposing, laying on, affixing, enjoining, inflicting, obtruding, and the like.
  2. That which is imposed, levied, or enjoined; charge; burden; injunction; tax.
  3. An extra exercise enjoined on students as a punishment.
  4. An excessive, arbitrary, or unlawful exaction; hence, a trick or deception put on laid on others; cheating; fraud; delusion; imposture.
  5. The act of laying on the hands as a religious ceremoy, in ordination, confirmation, etc.
  6. The act or process of imosing pages or columns of type. See Impose, v. t., 4.
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Imposition Translations

imposition in German is Strafarbeit {f}, Auferlegung {f}