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Definition of Impair


  1. To make worse; to diminish in quantity, value, excellence, or strength; to deteriorate; as, to impair health, character, the mind, value.
  2. To grow worse; to deteriorate.
  3. Not fit or appropriate.
  4. Diminution; injury.

Impair Quotations

Consult your friend on all things, especially on those which respect yourself. His counsel may then be useful where your own self-love might impair your judgment.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Avoid lawsuits beyond all things; they pervert your conscience, impair your health, and dissipate your property.
Jean de la Bruyere

I grew up playing sports, but now I feel like I can't, because if I get injured, I'll impair whatever film I'm working on.
Ellen Page

And for man to look upon himself as a capital good, even if it did not impair his freedom, may seem to debase him... by investing in themselves, people can enlarge the range of choice available to them. It is one way free men can enhance their welfare.
Theodore William Schultz

Never read bad stuff if you're an artist; it will impair your own game.
James Lee Burke
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Impair Translations

impair in Latin is attero

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