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Definition of Imitate


  1. To follow as a pattern, model, or example; to copy or strive to copy, in acts, manners etc.
  2. To produce a semblance or likeness of, in form, character, color, qualities, conduct, manners, and the like; to counterfeit; to copy.
  3. To resemble (another species of animal, or a plant, or inanimate object) in form, color, ornamentation, or instinctive habits, so as to derive an advantage thereby; sa, when a harmless snake imitates a venomous one in color and manner, or when an odorless insect imitates, in color, one having secretion offensive to birds.
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Imitate Translations

imitate in Danish is efterligne
imitate in Dutch is imiteren, nabootsen, nadoen
imitate in French is copier, imitent, imitez, imitons, imiter
imitate in German is nachahmen, imitiere, imitieren
imitate in Italian is imitare
imitate in Latin is reddo
imitate in Norwegian is etterligne
imitate in Spanish is imitar