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Definition of Idolatry


  1. The worship of idols, images, or anything which is not God; the worship of false gods.
  2. Excessive attachment or veneration for anything; respect or love which borders on adoration.

Idolatry Quotations

Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes.
Pope John Paul II

Man's mind is like a store of idolatry and superstition; so much so that if a man believes his own mind it is certain that he will forsake God and forge some idol in his own brain.
John Calvin

I had this sort of idolatry for certain actors who preceded me, people who inspired me, so I'm honored to be that way for young actors.
Meryl Streep

Rapine, avarice, expense, This is idolatry; and these we adore; Plain living and high thinking are no more.
William Wordsworth

It is curious how instinctively one protects the image of oneself from idolatry or any other handling that could make it ridiculous, or too unlike the original to be believed any longer.
Virginia Woolf
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Idolatry Translations

idolatry in Dutch is afgoderij, afgodendienst
idolatry in Swedish is avgudadyrkan, avguderi
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