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Definition of Idealize


  1. To make ideal; to give an ideal form or value to; to attribute ideal characteristics and excellences to; as, to idealize real life.
  2. To treat in an ideal manner. See Idealization, 2.
  3. To form ideals.

Idealize Quotations

Never idealize others. They will never live up to your expectations.
Leo Buscaglia

At the Sahara, the seats are banked and most of the audience is looking down at the stage. Everybody in the business knows: Up for singers, down for comics. The people want to idealize a singer. They want to feel superior to a comic. You're trying to make them laugh. They can't laugh at someone they're looking up to.
Buddy Hackett

Young men make great mistakes in life; for one thing, they idealize love too much.
Benjamin Jowett

I fantasize and idealize myself as Bugs Bunny, but I know deep down I'm Daffy Duck.
Patton Oswalt

A lot of directors idealize their leading ladies or turn them into these objects of sexuality and beauty.
Diane Kruger
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Idealize Translations

idealize in German is idealisieren, idealisiere
idealize in Norwegian is idealisere
idealize in Spanish is idealizar
idealize in Swedish is idealisera

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